“The sun has been obliterated from the sky, and an unlucky darkness invades the world”

From the most mythical solar eclipse known to man, we rise again. Welcome to where mythology meets the metaverse. Welcome to Project Immortalis.

3000 creatures - 10 unique characters - 600+ traits




1 / 10
Legendary Medusa
2 / 10
Legendary Phoenix
3 / 10
Legendary Cyclops
4 / 10
Legendary Kraken
5 / 10
Legendary Dragon
6 / 10
Immortal Minotaur
7 / 10
Immortal Centaur
8 / 10
Immortal Siren
9 / 10
Immortal Sphinx
10 / 10
Immortal Werewolf

Supply Breakdown

Total Supply = 3000

Whitelist Airdrops = 500

Presale Allocation = 500

Pandora's Box Allocation = 1000

Available Mint Supply = 1000




Teo Immortalis

Pierre Immortalis


Check out our post on Medium with a description of the project and a hint of what's to come. You can find it here: Medium Link

3000 creatures, 1000 for sale on main sale, 500 sold on presale, 500 reserved for whitelist, 1000 will be held onto for Pandora's Box

Our public sale will occur on Dec. 7th.

The mint price for the public sale is: 0.3 SOL

All secondary royalty sales will be contained in a public wallet, and all Immortals will decide where to allocate the funds together. Full integration will occur once our Immortalis DAO has been set up.

While there are multiple Solana wallets, we recommend using the Phantom application as an extension to your browser. A list of wallets compatible with our website will be provided.

Of course! Exact details will be provided closer to mint day.